Website acceleration

Slow server response and long page loading negatively affect the ranking and conversion of the site. This fact has long been confirmed by search engines and numerous studies. Simply put, the site loading speed is one of the ranking factors of the site in the search results.

Common reasons for slow loading of site pages:

  • Poor choice of CMS: 1C Bitrix, site designers,
  • Incorrect server/hosting settings,
  • Loading a lot of extra files,
  • Unoptimized images, styles, and scripts.

The cost of speeding up the loading of the site starts from 50 000 rubles.

The relevance of the speed of the site is connected not only with the expectations of visitors, but also with the spread of the use of the mobile Internet.

I suggest looking at the dynamics of visits to a commercial site over 7 years by device type. This is a reason to think for those who do not have a mobile version of the site.

Optimization of site loading time

The share of mobile traffic on most sites has already exceeded half. The speed of the mobile Internet is growing, but it still leaves much to be desired.

Unfortunately, sites are loading slowly not only through the mobile Internet. If the site is made with technical errors, then it can load for 10 seconds on a regular computer. Until now, not all web studios think about the loading speed of the site during its development.

Search engines recommend that the average loading time of the site pages should be 3 seconds, and the server response should be received no later than 0.2 seconds.

Examples of work to speed up the download

I do this work as part of the promotion of the site, but it is possible to order a service to speed up the loading of the site separately. Below are examples of how the average site loading time decreased after the completed work.

Example of website loading acceleration Case for speeding up the loading of site pages

Such a significant improvement was achieved after serious technical refinement. It is important to note that the site does not change externally. Optimizing the download speed should not harm the functionality or design of the site.

A more drastic way to increase the speed of work is to completely redesign it using modern technologies. For example, on Nuxt.js transitions inside the site occur without reloading the page in the browser. That is, the content will load not in 3 seconds, but in 0.3 seconds. The cost of transferring a site from old site management systems to a modern framework is individual.


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