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Since 2012 I have been creating websites. It is important for me to create initially the most convenient and attractive website that can be easily and quickly developed. When developing, I take into account the recommendations of search engines. The correct structure and meta tags, the absence of technical errors, adaptive design - all this significantly accelerates the receipt of traffic from search engines, increases conversion and sales.

I am periodically approached by companies whose websites are developed by web studios. The first few months of work have to eliminate developer errors. The web studio simply does not think about fulfilling the recommendations of search engines, since they have another task - to develop a website. It turns out that the customer pays twice - first for creating the site, and then for bringing it back to normal. Extra time and money are wasted.

I break the creation of websites into several stages.

Company study before creating a website
Detailed study of the company, industry, customer's target audience
Competitor analysis
Competitor analysis, tabulation, recommendations
Creating a semantic core
Creating a structured semantic core
Compilation of meta tags and page titles
Compilation of meta tags and page titles
Landing page development
Development of landing pages for services/products
Launching and testing the site
Testing, launching the site and its further development

Prices for website creation

If you already have a full description of all services, ready-made texts and illustrations, an accurate understanding of what customers need, then this will greatly reduce the development time and cost of creating a website.

up to 10 pages
  • Basic marketing work
  • Collecting basic semantics
  • Simple and user-friendly design
  • One mobile version
  • Order and feedback forms
  • Domain and hosting registration
  • The site is ready for promotion
Working time - from 1 month
Cost - from 100000 rubles.
up to 30 pages
  • Including online stores
  • Collecting the full semantic core
  • Help with content creation
  • Adaptive design
  • Interactive elements
  • Domain and hosting registration
  • The site is ready for promotion
Working time - from 1 month
Cost - from 150000 rubles.
any number of pages
  • Complex/competitive topics
  • Moscow region or the whole of Russia
  • Adaptive design
  • Advanced functionality
  • Personal account/CRM
  • Domain and hosting registration
  • The site is ready for promotion
Working time - from 2 months
Cost - from 200000 rubles.

Principles of website creation


The site needs to be regularly improved, supplemented, adjusted.

If you don't, then your competitors do. To get the first places in the search results, your site must be better than all others.

For clients

The site is being developed not for the director, but for your clients.

Your experience will be extremely useful when developing a website. You definitely know your industry better than me. The main thing is not to forget who we are making a website for.

Good site

There is a misconception that a beautiful website is a good website.

Words to describe a good website: effective, memorable, convenient, fast. The site should solve specific business goals, and not just be beautiful.

Not landing page

A one-page landing page is an incomplete site.

He will progress worse. It is more difficult to develop. It is easy and quick to create a landing page, but then it will only complicate the work. Make full-fledged websites right away.

Sites in the first places in the search

I am interested in developing websites, which I will then write about in cases as successful examples.

Website creation portfolioExamples of creating websites in Vladimir

Website development and SEO cases

Site visitors
Pravovaya zaschita
Nov 14Jan 18Mar 21
Yandex organic traffic
Google organic traffic
Pravovaya zaschita
Region: Russia
Cooperation beginning: 2013 год

One of the most visited commercial sites in Russia on labor protection.

8 years the structure, design, and technology have been regulary updated. The website has large information section. Monthly clients and subscribers receive an email newsletter using the Mailchimp.

The functionality of the online store is made with Minishop2 + Yandex.Kassa + ATOL Online.

Site visitors
Laboratoriya truda
Aug 16Sep 17Oct 18
Yandex organic traffic
Google organic traffic
Laboratoriya truda
Region: Moscow
Cooperation beginning: 2016 год

Creating and promoting a Nuxt.js website in a competitive niche in Moscow.

In a fairly short period of time, places were in the TOP 10 search results for the most conversion queries, for example, 'sout moscow', 'sout price'.

7 regional sites on subdomains using SSG Nuxt.js.

Site visitors
Dispetcherskaya 33
Dec 19Oct 20Sep 21
Yandex organic traffic
Google organic traffic
Dispetcherskaya 33
Region: Vladimir
Cooperation beginning: 2014 год

Logistics company website offering cargo transportation services for business.

The current version of the site is developed with Nuxt.js . SEO optimization has been performed. Implemented markup.

A CRM system has been developed for the client to automate the work of logisticians and drivers.

Site visitors
Darya Zhichkina
May 16June 18June 20
Yandex organic traffic
Google organic traffic
Darya Zhichkina
Region: Russia
Cooperation beginning: 2016 год

A simple and fast Modx Revo website . Adaptive layout, SEO optimization.

The main service is the preparation of a nutrition program. According to phrases from the semantic core, the site is at the top of the search results.

Additionally, a lot of video content was filmed: examples of exercises, informational videos, tips on weight loss.

Site visitors
Ken Russia
Aug 18Jule 20Feb 22
Yandex organic traffic
Google organic traffic
Ken Russia
Region: Russia
Cooperation beginning: 2018 год

The main product of the online store is the Ken 6110b drill.

For all target queries, the site is in the TOP 3 search results across Russia. From scratch, the company has become one of the leaders in sales of specific products.

The site is made with Modx Revo + Minishop2. Individual category filters: works instantly, without page reloading.

Profitable and efficient cooperation

Application and website development

Price: from 100 000 rubfrom 200 000 rub
Development duration: from 1 monthfrom 4 months


Price: from 40 000 rubfrom 60 000 rub
Average term of work with clients: from 60 monthsfrom 6 months


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Technology stack


Programmic language: php

CMS: modxwordpress

Interactive elements: jsjquery

Database: mysql

The vast majority of websites are made with this technologies. The are easy to learn, lots of ready-made solutions.


Programmic language: tsjs

Frontend: vuenuxtvite

Backend: fastifyexpress

Database: mongodb

Unlimited functionality. Maximum convenience and speed in the development of individual solutions.

I recommend switching to modern javascript frameworks. Their functionality and performance will take your project to a new level. The average page loading time will decrease significantly. Server side rendering will eliminate search engines indexing problems.

What I don't work with: landing pages, site constructors, 1C Bitrix, rare CMS systems and programming languages.

I can suggest transferring your current website to modern technologies. You and your customers will be pleasantly surprised by the result.

Live applications and websites development

Application development and SEO optimization are not magic actions covered by mystery.

On the streams you can see how I work on client and own projects.

The advantage of live broadcasts is that you can ask a question in the comments section and get an answer right away.

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