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Contextual advertising is one of the easiest ways to attract the target audience to the site. Ads are seen by an audience that has met the impression conditions, which we fully control.

Usually transitions to the site cost from 5 to 50 rubles. It all depends on the competitiveness of the subject and regions. It is important to note that contextual advertising is not effective for all business sectors. There are overheated areas where the transition for some requests costs more than 200-300 rubles.

The cost of creating contextual advertising starts from 50 000 rubles. Contextual advertising in Yandex Direct and Google Ads - from 50 000 rubles per month.

Creating and configuring contextual advertising

Some examples on how to display ads in Yandex. Direct and Google Ads

  • geography,
  • time and days of the week,
  • for which phrases to show, for which phrases to exclude the display,
  • gender and age of people,
  • fine-tuning the payment for each ad and phrase,
  • create audiences based on your current customers,
  • make bid adjustments based on gender, age, device types, and so on.

Accurate and correct targeting of advertising is impossible without the participation of the customer himself. You need to know your target audience well. Customer surveys help well, and so does all your experience in your industry.

First of all, it is necessary to determine the list of goods or services that are worth advertising. The more you concretize the ads, the cheaper it will cost you to go to the site. Then I assemble a semantic core of queries that will be used to display ads. Requests are divided into clusters. One cluster = one ad. Several ads can lead to one page of the site. In the headings and texts of the ads, I include the main queries of the cluster. This allows you to achieve high relevance in advertising. Thanks to this, ads occupy the first places at auctions, and the cost of switching is reduced.

The title and text of the ad are relevant to the queries
The landing page of the site is relevant to the queries
The landing page of the site is relevant to the ad
Geographical relevance is observed everywhere

The most important work on optimizing contextual advertising is updating the list of negative keywords. If you sell phones, then your ads should not be shown for requests "How to flash a Samsung phone" or "Samsung phone Repair". The words "repair" and "flash" should be added to the list of negative words.

It is impossible to initially make a complete list of negative keywords. Web analytics systems collect statistics on traffic to your site from contextual advertising. In the reports, you need to find phrases that are irrelevant to your services. This is a regular job that gradually increases the effectiveness of contextual advertising.

Yandex YAN and Google CCM

in addition to search results showing ads on sites and apps that partner with Google. If I described text ads above, then graphic content is added here. Its clickability directly depends on the image on the banner.

The cost of going to the site in partner networks is lower, but the conversion to the application is also lower than that of ads inside the search results. On the other hand, more general and branded advertising shows itself well in YAN. You are constantly reminding yourself of a wider target audience.

I recommend using retargeting. You can set conditions in addition to search phrases under which your ad will be shown to a certain audience. For example, if a person visited your site and went to a page with a certain service, then they can be shown ads for this service on partner sites and applications.

If it is important to update the list of negative keywords for advertising inside the search results, then in the YAN you need to control the partner sites where bashi banners are displayed. Unfortunately, there are many low-quality sites that will quickly eat up your budget, showing near-zero efficiency.


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