Web applications

In any business there are processes that can and should be automated. The developed applications help to unify processes, reduce the time for performing standard work, reduce the number of errors when entering data, and allow you to see all the statistics on the company's work.

I have developed web applications for solving specific tasks of various organizations. Below are some examples of the functionality of the developed programs:

  • Formation of appeals to state bodies
  • Automation of the work of sales and logistics managers
  • Application log for drivers
  • Output of the number of customer orders by month with filters
  • Contract generator with signatures and seal in PDF format
  • PUSH notifications on mobile devices
  • Real-time search by several parameters
  • Eliminating duplicate clients when entering into the program
  • Output of statistics in the form of graphs with dynamic filters
  • Convenient and easy-to-read log with filters
  • Implementation of user roles with different types of access

The application can be integrated with the site or located on a separate domain. Data from the site can be sent to the application. Data from the application can be sent to third-party programs, for example, to the Roistat end-to-end analytics system.

For maximum security, access can only be allowed for specific ip addresses. The history of user actions is recorded: you can see who and when created/edited records, who and when logged into the application, and so on. Each user has their own username and password. You can implement different rights for users. I remind you that all this is individual and is being developed specifically for you.

Statistics will allow you to look at the data in any cross-sections. For example, how many customers there were in the last month with the status "Contract concluded" with a particular sales manager.

The cost of development starts from 200 000 rubles and depends on the volume and complexity of the application.

Mobile application development on Vue.js

Adaptive layout, PWA technology and the ability to add applications to Google Play allow you to use programs not only as web applications, but also as mobile applications.

I use the following development stack: Nuxt.js, Vue.js, Vite.js, Fastify, Express, Mongoose, Node.js, MongoDB. These are modern and popular products that delight with their performance and functionality. And they are all absolutely free.

Application development on Vue.js

Differences from ready-made CRM

Everything is developed just for you. There is not a single extra functionality. It will be easy and convenient for your employees to use the application. Instant loading of tables with a lot of data, transitions between documents and sections without reloading pages in the browser.

Payment for work is one-time. The cost directly depends on the required functionality, not on the number of employees. You will be able to create employee profiles yourself and add them to the database. If you don't have such a desire, then I can happily take this job on myself, at the same time modifying the application to suit your needs.

All data is stored on the VPS. If required, you can make a server inside your company's local network so that there is no access to it from the Internet.


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Technology stack


Programmic language: php

CMS: modxwordpress

Interactive elements: jsjquery

Database: mysql

The vast majority of websites are made with this technologies. The are easy to learn, lots of ready-made solutions.


Programmic language: tsjs

Frontend: vuenuxtvite

Backend: fastifyexpress

Database: mongodb

Unlimited functionality. Maximum convenience and speed in the development of individual solutions.

I recommend switching to modern javascript frameworks. Their functionality and performance will take your project to a new level. The average page loading time will decrease significantly. Server side rendering will eliminate search engines indexing problems.

What I don't work with: landing pages, site constructors, 1C Bitrix, rare CMS systems and programming languages.

I can suggest transferring your current website to modern technologies. You and your customers will be pleasantly surprised by the result.

Need web applications? Please, order!