Site audit is a one-time service to identify and eliminate errors on your site. If you are promoting a website from one company, then it is better to order an audit from another. It is useful to look at the contractor's work from the other side.

A full-fledged website audit consists of two large parts: technical and usability audit. The cost depends on the complexity and scope of work.

The cost of a full (technical + usability) audit of the site starts from 50 000 rubles.

Technical audit of the site

Most technical errors appear when creating a website by incompetent specialists. Also, the reason may be a poorly drafted technical specification for development, which did not take into account the recommendations of search engines and further promotion of the site. Technical problems may be due to the use of not the most successful site management system (1C Bitrix or site designers). All your efforts for the marketing development of the site will be offset by technical problems.

During a technical audit, I check the most common errors that interfere with the full-fledged promotion of the site. As a result of the audit, you will receive a document that will indicate all the errors, as well as recommendations for their elimination. If required, I will be happy to implement the recommendations made on the site for a fee. Below is a list of typical errors on websites.

Page duplicates
Duplicates of pages
Irrelevant pages in the index
Irrelevant pages in the index
Long site loading time
Long loading time of the site
Problems with meta tags and headers
Problems with meta tags and headers
Problems with the site structure and page addresses
Problems with the site structure and page addresses
Errors in site layout
Errors in the site layout

Site usability audit

The second part of the audit consists of identifying problems that prevent visitors from using your site normally.

Unfortunately, not always the main goal of companies is to make a convenient website. Instead, they try to make the site "beautiful". Moreover, the concept of beauty in this case is limited to the taste of the person making the decision. The site should be liked not by the director, but by visitors. Usually, these are completely different people - of different ages, social status, they have different interests and goals.

Order site audit

Sometimes a site is made very different from all others, violating the principles of UI and UX design for the sake of design. This entails difficulties that will be experienced by visitors who are already accustomed to established standards. Even the banal absence of the "Home" and "Contacts" items in the menu can complicate interaction with the site, respectively, reduce its conversion.

You need to achieve a combination of uniqueness, attractiveness and standardization, which will allow you to stand out among competitors, at the same time without complicating the interaction of visitors with the site.


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