Case study on the creation of a state website


The first state customer. Creating a large and technically complex website.

Region: Vladimir

Cooperation beginning: 2016

My first website for a customer, in the role of which our state acted.

A large website with a rather complex structure and functionality. The most difficult thing is online reception and processing of applications from businessmen.


In 2016, he made his first website for the state customer - the Commissioner for the Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs in the Vladimir region. The development of the site took about 2 months. MODX is used as a CMS. It is important to keep in mind that when the site was opened to visitors, it already had more than 100 pages with full-fledged content.

As usual, I developed the entire site myself. The customer is satisfied with the work, I am also satisfied with the result. By the way, in addition to the development of the site, a photo shoot was also held.

The "Send a complaint" button is immediately visible in the header of the site. In fact, the main idea of the site is the reception and processing of requests from entrepreneurs. They can complain through the website about other government agencies that do not want to do their job or, conversely, do something superfluous. Also, the business Ombudsman informs entrepreneurs about how to avoid problems with the state, talks about useful activities for businessmen. The site is full of background information on the topic of business and government relations.

There is a news section where new materials are published with enviable regularity. There is an opportunity to get a free consultation from professional lawyers. All letters are sent to the corresponding postal addresses. I liked the customer's approach on this issue - several dozen email addresses were created on the rup33 domain. Each employee, each regional assistant received their own page on the site.

Information, contact details, biography are provided for each assistant. Everything is as open as possible. The very form of filing a complaint against state bodies is quite large, but these are official requirements for the Ombudsman.

The most difficult thing is the process of processing these requests. I have developed a CRM system where you can further work with requests, for example, indicate the status of the request, attach documents to them, and so on.

There is also a calendar of events on the site. Thanks to the EventsCalendar2 plugin (the design and functionality have been modified to meet customer requirements).You can sign up for each event using a special form. After the event, you can attach materials to it, for example, reports of participants.

Website Creation Rup33 4

There is a map of the Ombudsman's assistants on the main page. Clicking on the name of the city pops up a window with contact information.

Website Creation Rup33 5

Additionally, I have developed a mobile version of the site.

Important note - I have trained the customer's employees to work with the site. They publish news and events themselves. My participation is required only in non-standard situations.

In May 2017 , the website he became the winner of the XIV All-Russian competition "The best municipal website". Dmitry Nikolaevich Tretyakov receives a corresponding diploma.

Diploma for the best website

And I get gratitude for the work done. At the moment (May 2019), the cooperation continues.

Receiving gratitude

Lets cooperate!