A case for creating a website


Creation of a new version of the website of the Vladimir branch of the Opora Rossii.

Region: Vladimir

Cooperation beginning: 2015

Updating the website of the public organization Opora Rossii. The old site caused difficulties for the employees of the organization.

The main goal: to make a website convenient for work. New materials are regularly published: news, information about events and competitions of the Opora Rossii. After the training, the organization's employees are independently engaged in the placement of content.


Opora Rossii is engaged in the support and development of business and entrepreneurs. The Vladimir branch had a website on a subdomain of the main website of the organization . The site was quite full of information, but the customer wanted a simpler site management and design update.

The site of the Support of Russia in Vladimir before and after

The peculiarity of the site is that it contains many subsections and categories, a calendar of events, and so on.All these sections are regularly filled with new materials.The content is published by the employees of the Opora Rossii themselves. The site management system in this case should be logical and simple. Modx Revo is great for this case.

After the site was ready, I recorded several training videos, personally trained the employees who work with the site. There were no special questions, the site is currently regularly filled with all kinds of information.

Initially, before adding the first pages with events, news and pages with descriptions of members of the Opora Rossii, more than 100 pages of the site were created. There are several thousand pages on the site now.

Apart from the pages describing the members of the Opora Rossii, there are only unique materials on the site. The organization has a separate employee (press secretary), thanks to whom articles that link to the Support site are published on news sites and social networks. Firstly,clicks on external links have a good effect on the credibility of the site in the eyes of search engines. Secondly, the links themselves, which are put down naturally, also have a positive effect on the promotion of the site.

Traffic to the Support of Russia website

Site traffic sources

The website design is quite simple. The site loads quickly. Of the technical features, I would like to say about the initial blocking of unwanted pages and duplicates. In the file robots.txt instructions were written so that only the necessary pages were in the index of search engines.

Indexing pages in Google

Transitions from search engines are based on phrases related to the Opora Rossii itself, the names of participating companies, the names of company executives, and so on. For companies that do not have a website, a page on the Opora Rossii website may well come out on top in search engine results. If the company's page is well made, contains the design of text, photos, videos, and most importantly - fully disclose the activities, then it can get into the top for its niche queries.

Lets cooperate!