Case study on creating a catalog site for the Vladimir company MAKS-S


Creating a corporate website with a large catalog of products.

Region: Vladimir

Cooperation beginning: 2020

A website for a Vladimir company that has been dealing with cash registers, scales and other trading equipment since 1993. The site has a large catalog of products and a section with services.

MODX + Minishop2 is taken as a basis. The site differs from a full-fledged online store in the absence of online payment. The company's clients are legal entities.


The customer needed a catalog site, with the possibility of working with it independently. The range of products includes tens of thousands of products. Accordingly, loading and unloading of goods should be convenient. It is impossible to work manually with so many products, so tables in Excel format are used.

For development, I used CMS MODX and the module of the Minishop2 online store. If you add the possibility of online payment to the site, you will get a full-fledged online store. But the clients are not individuals, but legal entities. Therefore, managers process incoming requests, call customers, and then issue invoices.

The site implements product pages, catalogs, filters, basket functionality. The site has versions for mobile devices. The recommendations of search engines are taken into account during the development. It is not surprising that transitions from search engines for good commercial queries (including non-branded ones) began almost immediately, which led to the first sales.

Contextual advertising was created and launched. The semantics, which was collected at the stage of creating the site, was taken as a basis. This made it possible to reduce the launch time and budget of contextual advertising.

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