The program for the LDPR

A case study on the creation of an LPDR program for processing incoming applications of citizens

The program for the LDPR

Creation of a program for processing incoming applications from citizens.

Region: Vladimir

Cooperation beginning: 2018

The Vladimir branch of the LDPR asked to automate the reception and processing of applications from citizens. I completed this task using MODX, Tickets and DataTables.js .

You can assign statuses to applications, print them, attach files, and send them by email. There is a convenient unloading of the entire database in Excel format. The program allows you to form requests to government agencies in Word format.

The program for the LDPR

The Vladimir branch of the LDPR party needed to optimize its work on receiving and processing citizens. It is easier to work with documents electronically. The program allows you to keep records of requests, filter the output of requests by date range, geography, status, subject and other fields.

After making a request to the database, the process of processing it begins. First of all, you need to forward the request to the appropriate government agency. To do this, there is a separate table with the contact details of many recipients. The user of the program needs to select the desired recipient and the request will be generated automatically. Moreover, it will be a full-fledged document that can be printed directly from the program. The program will count the days that, according to the law, the state body has to respond. Overdue requests can be displayed separately in the general table.

The data of a specific request can be printed, saved in Word format or sent by e-mail. You can attach files to the request. For example, scans of government responses to requests.

The program has several users. You can choose a deputy from whom requests to state bodies will be formed. Inside the program there are statistics on statuses, regions and topics of appeals. The program has a log. You can see who and when created or edited specific appeals. There is also a convenient unloading of all data into an Excel spreadsheet.

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