Case study on creating and promoting a website - b2b services in Moscow


Creating and promoting a website on Nuxt.js in a competitive topic in Moscow.

Region: Moscow

Cooperation beginning: 2016

From scratch to the first places of search results in Moscow in a competitive subject.

A case study on the creation and promotion of the website of a company that offers labor protection services.


The experience of website promotion in the field of labor legislation helped me to create a good website initially. The peculiarity of the project is that the site was created from scratch. That is, it is a new domain and a new company.

The labor protection industry is oversaturated with offers. Labor protection services in Moscow are provided by many companies. Naturally, most of them have a website. Naturally, all these sites are older than ours, they already have accumulated statistics and trust from visitors and search engines.

The task was interesting - to get to the top in the most competitive region in one of the most competitive topics. By the positions of the site, you can understand that the task is completed.

Case Study Website Promotion Labor Lab

The most conversion queries: "sawt moscow", "sawt price", "sawt cost". The site has a separate landing page for the SAUT service: it is voluminous, there is a lot of different content - from the SAUT cost calculator to customer reviews and thanks. Without such a "rich" landing page, it would be impossible to climb so high.

How was this page born? Gradually. First of all, the page should give a complete answer to visitors to their request. Secondly, it should be saturated with confidence elements: list of clients, reviews, thanks. Third of all, the service itself should not disappoint people: the cost should be reasonable, the content of the service understandable.

I will describe the interactive elements on the page separately. The calculator is extremely popular. I think its importance is clear to everyone. It gives visitors the opportunity to immediately find out the approximate price for the service. Until 2019, the calculator was more complex. The categories of jobs were taken into account, since the new year it has ceased to affect the price and now only the number of jobs is important. The more it is, the lower the cost of evaluating one place.

He also developed an interactive map with the company's representative offices.

Map on the Labor Laboratory website

Any such element is your advantage over competitors. Yes, such functionality is more difficult to implement than just publishing a text, but this is a plus. The more difficult it is, the fewer competitors will be able to catch up and repeat.

Naturally, the site has an adaptive layout, markup is implemented, the download speed is optimized.

Update from March 2021

Moved the site from MODX to Nuxt.js . The layout and the entire interior of the site have been redesigned from scratch. The code is divided into components. A simple admin panel has been created to manage packages of documents and news. Content Security Policy is used for additional site security.

Created 7 regional sites on subdomains using SSG Nuxt.js . A single application is used to simplify further work with subdomains. Regional sites use the backend of the main site to send the application form. The corresponding CORS instructions are written on it.


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