Case study on creating and promoting a personal trainer website


Creation and promotion of a personal trainer website.

Region: Russia

Cooperation beginning: 2016

A simple and fast website on Modx Revo. The main service of the customer is the preparation of nutrition programs. According to the relevant queries, I brought the site to the first places in the search results.

A mobile version of the site has been made. Additionally, I participated in the creation of a lot of content: videos with examples of exercises, informational videos, photographing dishes.


The site is quite simple in functionality: several pages with services, the ability to view food rations for ordering with delivery, answers to popular questions, contacts and a large section with reviews.

Of course, these sections and content appeared for a reason and not immediately. A lot of competitor sites in Moscow and other major cities have been analyzed. The customer's own work experience is taken into account.

Based on all this, the structure of the site was created, texts were compiled and media content was filmed. The site is made from scratch, however, traffic began to grow almost immediately and confidently.


Naturally, this was a consequence of the growth of positions on key queries. The site pages are relevant to the requests of the target audience. Requests are correctly distributed across pages. And the content on the pages gives a complete answer to the queries.


Special emphasis is placed on reviews. There are many of them, they are detailed, they are real. Some reviews have links to customer profiles on social networks.

The subject of a fitness trainer's work involves the creation of a variety of media content: photos and videos. The content is posted on the website, social networks and YouTube channel.

Some work on the site you can see it on my YouTube channel: playlist from live broadcasts.

Update from April 2020

At the beginning of 2020, the site was redesigned. New logo, color scheme and design of landing pages. Simplified the order form. Installed an SSL certificate on the site.

I have improved the calculator of calories and norms of BZHU - added validation, adjusted the calculation method.

Calculation calculator on the website

There are a lot of customer reviews. To improve the convenience of the reviews section, I have implemented filters that show only certain types of reviews.

Filter reviews on the site

I also completed the task of designing new info-products - booklets on proper nutrition in PDF format.

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