CRM Car33

A case for creating a CRM system Car 33 with Nuxt.js

CRM Car33

Automation of the work of a transport company with Nuxt.js .

Region: Vladimir

Cooperation beginning: 2019

Development of a CRM system on a framework Nuxt.js . Instant loading of pages, convenient work with data on the computer and mobile devices. It is possible to install the app from Google Play.

The company's managers work in CRM with applications, customers and drivers. The relationship between orders, customers, drivers and managers is spelled out. For example, you can view the trips of a specific driver or the dynamics of customer orders for several months.

CRM Car33

Users and their roles

Separation of users by rights: administrators, logistics managers, customer service managers, couriers, drivers.

The administrator can manage managers' accounts. Sales managers see individual information inside customers. They also see statistics on orders and can assign statuses to customers. For example, after negotiations, it can be noted that the client will continue to work, but there are some features that can be entered in the "Comment" field. Other managers will not see this comment.

Couriers have their own individual fields that managers do not see. But the couriers themselves do not see all the customer data, for example, the list of orders of a particular customer. Logistics managers see only their orders inside the customer card, the administrator sees the orders of all managers.

Such a division of rights allows all employees of the company to work inside the same program, edit and receive information about customers, which will always be the same. That is, there will be no such thing that the courier has one information about the client, the logistics manager has another, and the sales manager has a third.

Drivers who want to work with a transport company can install the app from the website or via Google Play. Registered drivers see orders with a special status. They also receive PUSH notifications with company shares.

Working with clients

Sales managers can see in one table how many orders each client has. It can also use filters. For example, to display in the table only those customers who have not ordered for more than 1 month. Inside the general customer table, the manager immediately sees when each customer had the last order.

Real-time search is implemented for customers and carriers, without reloading the page. You can search by company id, company name, full name of the carrier.

Each client has its own data card. Inside, you can view a list of orders, attach files, automatically generate and print a contract with signatures and seals. The peculiarity is that you can choose the type of contract. That is, the client's data can be used as you like. Contracts can be generated not only with customers, but also with carriers.

Individual approach

The CRM system was developed strictly for a specific customer. There is not a single extra functionality, there is nothing distracting or complicating the work.

The responsiveness of the system is maximum. That is, any page, any table, any card opens instantly (fractions of a second). The page does not reload in the browser. All data is loaded and stored asynchronously.

The customer needed the ability of the CRM system to work on mobile devices. With the help of PWA and Google Play, the CRM system can be installed on the phone as a mobile application.

The CRM system is technically a SPA. The program works on a VPS for 350 rubles per month. Stack of technologies used: nuxt.js, vue.js, express.js, mongoose.js, node.js, mongoDB.

Such CRM systems significantly simplify and automate the work of the company. Naturally, each company needs its own functionality. You want to make the work of your employees more efficient. And also monitor and monitor the activities of your company? Contact us! I will be glad to help you.

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