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A month has passed since the first shooting. The time For this the Mazda 6 test drive has gained more than 3000 views. I made some conclusions for myself. The moment of the next shooting has come. This one starring Chery Tiggo 5. I didn't want to appear in the frame, instead I concentrated on filming.

Last time there was bad weather, strong and cold wind, snowfall, in short, a real February. This time we were much more lucky with the weather. If they were shooting at dawn or dusk, it would be quite good.

We met the deadline this time at exactly 3 o'clock. I think that it was possible to shoot in 2. The main thing is not to forget that Yakov has already driven more than 400 km in this car, and he has already written down his impressions in a draft. If you shoot how a person gets behind the wheel for the first time, talks about his feelings, then the shooting will last, of course, longer.

This time the mistake was that we had not previously agreed on where we would shoot. The first place I chose was not the most successful. Garages on the mountain overlooking Pekinka. Once I photographed there at night - there was a very beautiful view, everything is OK. This time there was just a pile of garbage. And the view during the day is not so impressive. In the final video from this place, I included only 3 fragments of a few seconds each, and we spent 20-30 minutes on it.

Let's go to Dobroselsky Park. There is a large asphalt platform on which you can conveniently put the car at the right angle to the sun. We took some pictures there and in motion. In general, the place is good.

Technical errors

The first test drive I shot on Sony Nex, and this time I used Canon 700d. It's much more convenient to shoot on Canon. A couple of days before the test drive, I put a Magic Lantern firmware on the camera. I'll tell you about my impressions. Conveniently, the overlight (the so-called zebra) is highlighted, the areas of the frame that are now in focus are highlighted, the sound recording levels are shown. But I never got used to the focus illumination. It seems like the car is in focus, and then you see that the sharpness zone is still a meter away. You have to get used to it.

You also need to get used to recording audio on a new microphone. I gave my wife a ride on VideoMic Pro - she's my video blogger, she really needs it. Despite the fact that the sound recording level is shown, it was hard for me to understand where it is quiet and where there are already sound overloads. I recorded the sound on a C-grade. This microphone is capable of more. Perhaps it was necessary not to be lazy, but to record the sound with a separate track on the recorder. I think now, can change Tascam Dr-05 to Zoom H5. It will be possible to connect the microphone to the recorder, and the recorder to the camera. Moreover, the sound level will be very well adjusted. To place all this on the camera, you will need another adapter from one Hot Shoe connector to two.

The biggest jamb with sound was when I decided to record Yakov's speech from the back seat. Last time I recorded from the front - everything was OK. And this time it was very noisy. All sound problems are solved by using a buttonhole. I have it, but the sound from it will be written to the recorder. There will be a separate audio track that needs to be synchronized. I really don't want to do this, so I will strive to ensure that the sound in the camera is immediately good. In addition, the buttonhole will record only the voice of one person. It's very expensive to buy a few radio tags now, I'm definitely not going to do this.

The slider (rails) is very lacking from the equipment. With him, the frames look more solid and professional. There is also a lack of a camera, such as a Go-pro. Firstly, her fish-eye lens is very necessary for shooting in the salon. Secondly, you can remove the car in motion from the outside. Probably, there will be interesting shots if you attach the Go-pro to another car from which to shoot the main car in motion.

I think we should try to shoot more. Perhaps with a new recorder, at sunset, in pre-designated successful beautiful places.

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Author: Aleksandr Dergunov
Published: 3/16/2015