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Yandex. Metrica has enough tools and reports to get more or less general information about what is happening on your site. More individual and specific parameters can be obtained using goals.

The goals may be different. For example, we can count the number of visits with a certain depth of viewing, visits to specific pages, interaction with forms on the site. You can also create composite goals.

Example of goals in yandex.metrica

Creating a goal in yandex.metrica

To create a goal, go to on the yandex.metrica home page click on the green "Edit counter" button. Select the "Goals" section, click the "Add goal" button. Don't forget to give the name of each goal to make it easier to navigate them.

Adding goals in yandex.metrica

Yandex.metrica has depth tracking, but you can add a counter to track visits where there was a certain number of page views. For example, more than 5 pages. If a visitor has viewed more than 5 pages of your site, then most likely he is interested in it. This is especially important for informational sites, as well as commercial sites with a full-fledged "News" or "Articles" section.

You can add several goals for visits to specific pages of the site. For example, it is useful to count a visit to the "Contacts" or "About the company" page. If this is not an online store, then you can use these figures as an indicator of interest, which is definitely related to the number of calls and orders.

If a company offers several services, you can count the number of visits where people have visited at least one of the pages where these services are described. You can add all pages with services in the goal settings. If the site has a nested structure, and the pages are made by type "услуги/обучение ", then you can select the url option: "starts with" and drive in there "услуги ". I would like to say that the nested structure on websites is always a big plus for the convenience of visitors and search engines. But do not overdo it, further 3-4 levels rarely require such a structure - it will have a negative impact on search engines.

It would be logical to add a counter of orders from the site, or other interactions with forms. Here lies a little trick. If you add the Yandex code for the button to the site (and this can only be done by someone who is more or less versed in site management systems and the html language), but clicks will be counted. For example, a person did not enter all the data and pressed the button. There is validation in the form, which does not allow itself to be filled out incorrectly. The person sees the error, corrects it and presses the button again. As a result, we have 2 clicks on the button, but only 1 order.

I recommend counting the number of orders as the number of visits to the page where you thank the person for the order. In good shape, there is always a redirection of the customer to such a page. And for you, such a page is also a chance to continue the acquaintance of the buyer with your site. You can place links or special offers on it, as you wish. The main thing to remember is that this person is already loyal to you, because the order has already been made. Don't overdo it.

General statistics on goals

When you click on the goal name on the yandex.metrica home page, go to the goal statistics. Let's look at the values of the Dispatcher's site 33.

Site goals Dispatcher 33

Agree, it is very clear and understandable. Such statistics are easy for everyone to understand. The red color shows the conversion, that is, what percentage of the total number of visitors has reached each specific goal. The blue color shows the number of goals achieved. For example, the price list from the Dispatcher 33 website has been downloaded 504 times in the last 3 months, and cargo transportation services have been ordered from the website 107 times. Of course, this is about 1-2 percent of the total volume of orders. But we must understand that these orders are overwhelmingly from new customers, namely, not everyone uses the form. Most prefer to call, some write to the mail.

The simplest way to calculate the number of orders from the site not through the form is to use a different phone number and mail for the site. If you have a CRM system, then you can link this data and get a clear picture of what exactly gives the company orders. There is also a feature here. The client can first see information about you in outdoor advertising, then hear a recommendation from a friend, and only then go to the site. Therefore, not everything is as simple as it may seem at first glance. But modern CRM systems and analytics allow us to take this factor into account. But in Vladimir, even goals on websites are already very good.

You can use goals as filters almost throughout yandex.metrica. That is, you can view the sources of visits, but only those who made an order or downloaded the price list. In the webmaster, you can filter visits by goals by looking only at those that interest you. In addition to goals, there is another tool in yandex.metrica related to forms.

Form Analysis

Go to the "Behavior" section, select the form analysis item. Here are the forms that Yandex found on your site. In the case of control room 33, these are 3 forms. 2 order forms from the website: on the main page and in the "Cost calculation" section. And also the form by which we are looking for drivers to work with us. Let's look at it.

Form Analytics

The conversion of the form is clearly shown here. 38 people visited this page in a week, 5 people started filling out the form, and all 5 of them successfully sent their data to us by mail. There is a "Play" button under each of these numbers. Clicking on it takes you to the session replay, where you can view the execution of each of these actions. I especially recommend watching visits where people started interacting with the form, but in the end did not send the data. The funny thing is that sometimes you will even be able to see the name and phone number of the person who eventually did not press the button. But spare his psyche, you shouldn't call him back. Few people realize that there is such surveillance of people's actions on the Internet.

I hope you enjoyed the series of articles about yandex. Metrica. I will be glad to have questions and comments. In the following articles we will talk about the Webmaster service in Yandex and Google, about how they can directly affect the attendance and success of the site.

Author: Aleksandr Dergunov
Published: 2/19/2015