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I started watching car test drives a long time ago. Probably since the time of choosing the first car, about 4 years ago. The video perfectly conveys the capabilities and design of the car. Moreover, when choosing a car, it is interesting to see as many different test drives as possible, with different opinions, tests and presenters. Then you need to go on a test drive yourself to make sure or dispel doubts about the thoughts that were reported in the test drives.

I would like to recommend the following Russian-speaking testers:

I will single out from foreign bloggers:

After watching all this stuff, I decided to try to take it off. First I saw the videos of Yakov, the editor of Pro Auto magazine. It seemed to me that it was possible to shoot better. I offered him to try to take a test drive of my car, and he agreed.

On February 8 in the morning we met, went to the car wash. It was snowing heavily that day, so the car got dirty from below almost immediately. It was hard to figure out where you can rent a car in a good way. As a result, we went to the DTU, filmed several fragments with external details there, a couple of passages back and forth. Then Yakov got behind the wheel and told about his impressions. Accordingly, then I told about my experience for 6 thousand kilometers. It was cold outside, it was hard to shoot. We took a short break, had a snack with shawarma.

We went to the forest, filmed several passes at speed there, as well as the final words. As a result, shooting, including breaks and relocations, took about 5 hours. I think that this time can be safely reduced by 2 times without losing the quality of the final video. The main thing is to focus, make a preliminary plan with shooting locations, strictly follow it.

Technical parameters

There was about an hour of draft material. After the installation, 14:30 remained. Unfortunately, they filmed a lot of the way we talked, and the way the car rides from the side is not enough. It is necessary to shoot much more driveways, and just car parts.

All videos were shot with a Sony nex 5r camera and a Sony lens 16-50/3.5-5.6 This is a small camera with a small lens. The sound was recorded on a small camera microphone Sony sst1. There was also 1 simplest tripod. Of course, lacked zoom, I wanted to shoot the movement of the car from a distance. On the other hand, the inside of the car lacked a wide angle. A GoPro-type camera would help with this problem. It would be possible to shoot footage with a camera attached to the car body.

To record sound, such a simple microphone was also not very enough. If only one person spoke in the frame, then it would be possible to do with an audio recorder + a buttonhole. But when there are several people in the frame, it is easier and more convenient to use a good on-camera microphone. Fortunately, the other day I bought one - Rode Videomic Pro. The next test drive will be shot on a more serious technique - Canon 700d + Sigma 17-70/4 Contemporary.

We also spent a lot of time shooting numerous takes. Especially when the two of us were in the frame. As presenters, to put it mildly, we are not very. But everyone starts somewhere. The next test drive will be filmed in a few days. As soon as it is ready, I will definitely post it.

Author: Aleksandr Dergunov
Published: 3/4/2015