What to buy for videography?

In the last article, I considered the moment of buying a camera for more or less high-quality photography. In that article, I didn't say a word about the fact that without knowledge and experience, even a camera for several million rubles will shoot poorly. This is a separate topic, we will talk about it later. Now I propose to discuss the equipment for videography.

Now videography for business is becoming more common due to the reduction of its complexity and price. You can make reports on your own for a corporate website, thereby getting another channel for communicating with customers and communicating information to them. If we consider regional business, then it is also a detuning from competitors, since few people are doing this yet. Videos on the site also affect its position in search engines.

So what is required in order to shoot a more or less decent video that will be different from shooting on the phone? First of all, you need to buy a camera. Video cameras are rapidly losing their popularity, since the quality of shooting a video camera for 50 thousand rubles is comparable to shooting with a camera for 10. In my opinion, the only case when you can choose NOT a camera is serious professional shooting. There are movie cameras for such cases. Modern movie cameras cost about 170 thousand rubles.

You can briefly consider a couple of them, just as a guideline. Blackmagic Design Production Camera 4K offers simply gorgeous image quality. The richest functionality, professional connectors and accessories. Examples of videos taken with this camera: times, two, three. Such a camera without a lens costs about 180 thousand rubles. A set of lenses, memory and necessary accessories will raise the cost to about 300 thousand rubles.

Also consider one of the most advanced cameras in the world, the Red Epic Dragon. When I saw the first test videos, I couldn't believe my eyes. This is really progress. It's hard to imagine that they managed to achieve such unreal shooting quality in such a compact camera. Of course, it is unrealistically expensive - only the base (body) of this camera costs from 1,700,000 rubles. To bring it into working condition, buy at least a couple of lenses, a professional movie light, then you will have to spend the same amount. But this is a movie, so there are completely different costs, as well as income.

I'll just share a couple of video examples (don't forget to put the maximum quality in YouTube): times, two, three.

Professional movie cameras

Knowing how the camera shoots for 3 million and 300 thousand, you can go down to earth. It hardly makes sense to spend such money on a corporate or personal camera. Our kit can be based on a compact camera with interchangeable lenses and a sufficiently large matrix. Two good examples: Sony Alpha A5000 Kit and Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF6 Kit.

Professional movie cameras

These two small cameras have everything you need for a simple shooting. An acceptable picture, more or less high-quality lenses, the ability to use a smooth zoom for shooting, the necessary video shooting modes, optical stabilization and autofocus. And the price is around 17 thousand rubles for a set with a lens.

However, the camera alone is not enough for full-fledged shooting. At a minimum, you also need a tripod, a memory card and a sound recorder. A special tripod is needed, one that will allow you to smoothly rotate the camera. An example of such a tripod: Velbon Videomate 538. The price of such or similar tripod will be within 3 thousand rubles.

It is better to take memory cards for recording with a volume of 32 gigabytes. A 64 GB card will cost you about 1,500 rubles. Take an SDXC type card.

In addition to the memory card, you can immediately take a second battery to the camera. When shooting a video, the battery charge drops very quickly. On one battery, you can only take off a couple of hours in a row. By the way, remember that all cameras have a limit on the duration of recording one fragment. Even on the most expensive camera for 300 thousand rubles, you will not record a video fragment for more than 30 minutes at a time. You will just have to press stop, and then press the record button again. An additional original (not original, I do not advise buying) battery will cost about 2000 rubles.

The sound that is written from the camera will not suit us for several reasons. Firstly, when we touch the camera and lens, we make sounds, and we make them in close proximity to the built-in microphone. The closer the microphone is to the sound source, the better this sound will be recorded (in general). It is not always possible to put a camera 1 meter away from a person. And if you increase this distance, the voice recording will deteriorate. Therefore, we need a separate device that will write sound. If you plan to record speech, it is better to immediately buy a full-fledged audio recorder + a buttonhole microphone. The difference in quality will be huge. In general, the video will look more professional. Example of recorder and buttonhole: Zoom H1+ Audio-Technica ATR3350.

It would also be possible to buy an illuminator. But if you buy it, then this is an additional rack for installing it, buying batteries and a charger + possible purchase of attachments, such as a soft box. Spending only on light will easily go beyond 10 thousand rubles. For non-professional filming, you can do without it.

At the moment I am studying to become a content marketer in Netology. We had a video session. A teacher from Netology in his report said that you need to buy a video camera for 40 thousand to get a more or less high-quality picture. It was sad to hear this from the mouth of a man who is trying to teach people something. In my experience, many of my friends professional operators (not theoretical teachers) have come to the opposite conclusion. Now it is optimal to shoot the video with a camera. It is much cheaper and better. There is no point in buying almost any video camera.

So, what we got. Camera with lens + tripod + memory card + spare battery + audio recorder + microphone = 30 thousand rubles. This kit is enough for almost any amateur filming. With this kit, you can shoot long-term training sessions, seminars, corporate videos. And all this will be with excellent video and sound quality.

Author: Aleksandr Dergunov
Published: 11/24/2014