Innovations 2020

Congratulations to everyone on the new year 2020! I will share the main innovations that happened to the site in 2019.

Transferring the site from MODX to Nuxt.js

The most important event was the transition to a modern javascript framework Nuxt.js . Nuxt.js is the main discovery of 2019 in technical terms for me. Instant page loading, convenience of Vue.js, built-in server side rendering, ease of use and huge functionality. Evaluate the speed of the site - just click through the menus and sections. I'm sure you'll like it.

Nuxt.js didn't come alone. Its use requires VDS, and with it a full-fledged back-end for data storage. I also created a small admin panel that makes it easy to do typical actions (for example, publishing news).

Now the site is a full-fledged PWA - it can be installed on the phone as a mobile application. The data is cached, if access to the Internet is temporarily lost while you are on my site, then you may not notice it.

Creating an SEO encyclopedia

At the end of the year, a new section appeared on the site, in which I publish short and very specific entries on the topic of creating and promoting websites. So far there are very few articles, but by the end of 2020 there will be at least a hundred. I have often been asked how to solve typical SEO tasks. The encyclopedia should provide answers to many basic questions.

The data in the encyclopedia is systematized. It is important for me that it is simple and convenient. I have studied similar solutions on other sites. Unfortunately, current decisions inspire fear and despair. I want to do this project with a soul. Please go ahead and use it.

In 2020, I will work on increasing not only the number of entries, but also the convenience with the functionality of the encyclopedia. The project is still very young.

Also on the YouTube channel I make video versions of the entries of the SEO encyclopedia. If someone prefers the video format, then welcome.

Author: Aleksandr Dergunov
Published: 1/8/2020