My results of 2016

I continue the annual tradition of creating annual reports. First of all, I write them for myself, no matter how selfish it sounds. It is very interesting now to read your thoughts from 5 years ago. Although, of course, there is nothing particularly intellectual here. Nevertheless, let's get started!

A lot of work

I would call 2016 the year of work. I've never worked so hard. Hopefully, there was a lot of not only quantity, but also quality. It is not for me to judge, but for my clients/employers.

At the end of January last year, I suddenly got a job. When I started to get involved in Internet marketing, it was immediately clear to me that I needed to work in a web studio. However, it turned out that I was a marketer on the client's side twice. And then I was invited to the studio.

I agreed.

Having worked for 11 months, I can say that I have gained a huge versatile experience.

It's one thing when you work with 4 clients (that's how many I had at the beginning of the year), another thing is 40 companies. And all 40 are completely different. You need to be aware of everything at the same time, standardization, automation, and order are important.

But 40 clients were not in the studio at once. It was about 15. And there were only 5 employees. Everything has changed a lot in a year. The company has grown a lot. I think that we are all well done.

Special thanks to Ilya for the invitation, the opportunity to get such an experience, for trips to 2 major conferences and much more.

Conference in Kazan

Despite the work for hire, I opened the sole proprietor again. I don't forget my clients, I do everything possible for them. In connection with such a load, I refused for a whole year to everyone who wanted to work with me to promote the site, except for those 3 who came on the recommendation. It was very important to maintain the quality of work, otherwise it would have turned into a conveyor that would have ended tragically. I had to resort to delegating part of the work. But this experience turned out to be very successful.

There are 2 types of studios for website promotion. The former take hundreds of projects with a low budget and involvement, and the latter work with a small number of clients, but do a full-fledged job. I am a supporter of the second type of SEO.

Competition on the Internet is growing every day. Even here in Vladimir, doing only standard work, without understanding the essence of the client's industry, there will be almost no result. Especially at the first stage, close communication is needed. Unfortunately, not every client can devote as much time as required.


Okay, let's make at least some digression from work. The braces were removed. Finally! If we take the preliminary dental treatment + the epic with braces itself, then it took a little more than 3 years and 300 thousand rubles . It was tough. Every time it was necessary to leave work (thanks to employers), every time to go to the cruiser, wait in line (I didn't think it was accepted in paid clinics), endure pain. Most of all, I'm sorry for the time.

Braces before and after

However, it's over. Teeth are even, healthy. Don't start your teeth, my dear readers. Ideally, you need to align your teeth in adolescence - it's both faster and cheaper. My teenage period fell on Gus-Khrustalny, where in the 90s it was hard with braces. And for my parents, it would be a serious financial blow. Well, nothing, I took off my braces at 30, not at 15. The main thing is that the result is the same :)


In last year's report I planned to buy an apartment. I bought it. Of course, in the mortgage. But the situation is not so sad. It remains to pay about a third of the cost. 2/3 of the apartments are already ours.

The epic of buying an apartment is worth describing. Firstly, the choice of apartments is not as big as it seemed to me in 2015. At the very beginning, we considered several options with stalinki - there are good layouts, high ceilings, almost always houses in good places. But then I found out about the city's development plan. A lot of these buildings are being demolished. Not a very pleasant situation. Neighbors in such houses and the state of communications were also scared.

Switched to new buildings. It's easier to get a mortgage there, there is more choice of apartments. The choice fell on the street of peace. This area is familiar to me. We live next door now, I lived next door when I was a student. It's really not bad here.

Buying an apartment with a mortgage

First I'll tell you about getting a mortgage. To get it with 100% probability, you need the following: a good white PO, a long term of work in the last place, a credit history. I didn't have any of this, I never even took out loans. All this was compensated by a large down payment of 50%. Thank you to my parents + my wife's parents for helping to make this contribution exactly like this. I do not know by what miracle VTB gave me a mortgage, considering that at the time of its receipt I officially worked for only 4 months. But the mortgage was received. Since August, I have tried to extinguish it as much as possible. As a result, I reduced the payment from 21070 rubles to 16770 rubles. Mortgage for 10 years. I hope that I will close it in 3-4 years.

This year I plan to repay the mortgage on schedule, that is, without additional payments. There will be repairs, purchase of equipment and so on. From 2018, I will resume accelerated repayment.


It is logical that if there is a lot of work, then I spent little time on my wife and daughter. And this is very bad. Yana even sometimes calls herself a single mother. I hope there is some joke in this. But in fact, I think our relationship has strengthened this year. The next one will be even better. I promise that I will pay more attention to my family. There is even a chance that we will fly somewhere to rest for the first time, but this is not for sure ;)

A vacation in the style of "lying in a hotel /going on excursions" will be torture and mockery for me. Just a chaotic trip without much planning to places where there are no tourists. I would go on a trip to Italy. From south to north, from Napoli to Juventus ;)

Our only outing for the whole year was a trip to Yaroslavl. I would put this beautiful city on the 2nd place in Russia after Kazan. By the way, Kursk would be on the third.

Trip to Yaroslavl

Unfortunately, there will be repairs next year, which will also take up my time. But I will try to do it as quickly as possible. The reference point is 3 months. The rest of the time - more attention to Yana and Dasha! They're great.

Yana had her first full year as a photographer/videographer. Continues to lead your video blog already has 12 thousand subscribers. Dasha has generally grown in a year. Became a girl with a character (almost always good). Already a big one. There is a motor in the priest, but she is modest at a party.


Back to work

I am glad that this year I have moved on to more complex developments - automation systems, personal accounts, various services. There was a lot of practice, but little theory. Next year I plan to spend more time on training. The total number of sites made has exceeded 30. We continue to improve and modernize the old sites.

Last year, I posted the attendance of the "Legal Protection" website for 2.5 years. I will make it a tradition, this time attendance for 3.5 years of work. There is still work to do, but such schedules inspire me with optimism.


I still haven't learned full-fledged programming languages properly. Deepened my knowledge of PHP, SQL, MODX itself, Jquery, CSS. The layout is generally going "with a bang" now. Someday I will definitely study ruby or python.I'm afraid it won't happen next year.

In marketing, I am interested in simplifying the analysis of the effectiveness of advertising channels, and indeed all actions. It will be necessary to study Google Analytics and Edwards more closely. If everything is clear with Yandex services, it is successfully applied, but there is a lot to grow with Google.


Pay more attention to the family. Save up for repairs. Make repairs. Learn more. Leave quality, not quantity. More sports.

Oh, I started playing tennis. I really, really like it. There is trouble with indoor courts in Vladimir, you have to go to Goodwill, or whatever it is now... I hope that next year I will be able to play 20-30 times at least. I don't forget about football either.

So, last year was difficult, but interesting. The next one won't be the easiest either. But I'm sure it will be better. Like 2016 was better than 2015 :)

I wish everyone optimism, the desire to work better, family happiness, do not lie, do not steal. Only by working honestly and diligently can life in our country be improved. See you in 2018!


Author: Aleksandr Dergunov
Published: 1/9/2017