My results of 2014 and 2015

Until 2013, I regularly summed up the results at the end of December. I missed 2014. Therefore, I report immediately for 2!

3 years ago I decided to switch from photography to internet marketing. At the age of 26, it was not difficult to completely change the type of activity, despite the pregnancy of his wife. There was a sense of self-confidence. I just stopped taking orders, completed everything that was agreed upon, and sold the equipment.

Photography is a very subjective thing. A person without knowledge (experience, talent, etc.), but with a suspended tongue and a wide circle of acquaintances, can quickly achieve a good profit there (a million rubles a year, for example). I believe that this can be applied to the entire wedding industry as a whole, not just to photos. Fortunately, there are also enough skilled professionals there.

I've been doing photography for exactly 5 years. I shot 150 weddings, more than a thousand photo shoots. I decided that was enough. We live once, I want to try myself in different types of activities. Moreover, the experience of working as a photographer helps me a lot in my current work.

I still prefer measurable work. When it is possible to show the result in numbers. There is no "like or dislike" in marketing. The director of the company can say that he liked the site. And after a year, he will realize that the site has not given any effect at all. Accordingly, the director was wrong. You can show it to him on the numbers. As long as a web analytics system is installed.

Marketing, as well as photography, is also full of specialists with a suspended tongue. But here their stories can be quickly destroyed by numbers. There are a lot of hired marketers who do not care at all about their work, training in new technologies, money of directors. They are stupidly sitting for 30 thousand rubles a month, doing nothing. Again, there are exceptions, which is good news.

I have had respect for other people's money since I was a child. Thanks to the parents. Before buying me any change, I always had to explain in detail why I needed it. Then I myself wanted to get the maximum in a certain budget. When I see 90% of the advertising budget going to the trash, I feel uneasy.

Going into Internet Marketing

So, after leaving the photo, with almost no other work experience, I got a job in the "Legal Defense". There I returned to the 5-day working week mode. It was unusual. Working as a photographer, I got up at 11-12, went to bed at 2-3 o'clock in the morning. The normal schedule of a normal person immediately became. After 5 years of working for yourself, it's not easy to rebuild. It is also difficult to move from individual to team work. But the management supported me. I myself wanted to bring the maximum benefit.

In 7 months of work, I learned more new things than in the last few years. Working as a photographer for a long time, the brain moved into a calm rhythm. I didn't want to learn anything new. Everything is there, orders are there, money is there. You live and don't sweat. But this is not normal. It is not surprising that during that period I gained from 90 to 120 kg of weight.

After 7 months, I decided to try to make my startup "Video Promotions". I still like this idea. But, unfortunately, it can be successfully implemented except abroad, well, or maybe in Moscow. Then I did not understand that in a city with a population of 350 thousand people, it is almost impossible to implement such projects. Many companies are very closed, people are afraid to shine on the camera. Nevertheless, another experience was gained. A very unusual experience, but still.

All this time I continued to study Internet marketing. I read books, made various test sites. I have made several commercial websites. There was already some experience that could be applied.

I got a job at Dispatch 33 as a marketer. A very free and progressive company. I wish there were more of them. I worked there for 1 year in 3 months. I also tried to bring as much benefit as possible. In parallel, I continued to study. I went to Moscow for seminars, turned out to be in Netology.

Resumed work on a remote basis with "Legal Protection". In addition to "Legal protection", other firms began to contact me with requests to help on the site. These were recommendations, since I did not offer my services to anyone myself.

In June 2015, he switched from full-time to remote work with Dispatch 33. I have more time to devote to other companies. It is not necessary for a marketer to spend 8 hours a day, 5 days a week to work with the company. This is not always required. Especially if we are talking about small companies where there are no budgets of 100 thousand rubles a month. Remote work is a great compromise for an employee and an employer.

If I hadn't quit Legal Defense 2 years ago, I wouldn't have been able to offer them what I'm doing now. And now they are doing things like this (attendance has increased 17 times):

Example of website promotion

In my opinion, on there was a material where they wrote that a marketer works on average for 1.5 years in one company. This is a very good statistic. How else to get real experience?

As a result, by December 2015, I participated in the creation of a couple dozen sites. I have regular customers for whom I will do everything possible to ensure that their companies get the most out of their invested funds. I have almost reached the same income that I had from photographing. I could have continued to take pictures, but then I would have missed everything that these 2-3 years of life were filled with.

Plans for 2016

In 2016 I will continue to study and work. We need to buy an apartment! Braces will be removed in a couple of months - hooray! Over the past six months, I have lost 13 kilograms. I want to throw off the same amount. Now I play football 2 times a week.

Special thanks to my wife for enduring such changes in my life. She herself has changed a lot. Leads a full-fledged video blog. Almost 8 thousand subscribers are not huhry muhry. She started taking pictures herself, shooting videos. It's probably more interesting and exciting than being an accountant. A person must self-actualize.

My daughter is growing up. He pleases us with his successes. Smart and cunning. Dasha is doing well here. It seems to me that after the birth of my daughter, I have become kinder. What I wish you!

I would like to see more sincerity in people. We have some angry people lately. It is necessary to rejoice in the successes of other people, to be positive and honest.

Happy New Year!

Author: Aleksandr Dergunov
Published: 12/31/2015