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A significant part of businessmen and marketers rarely pay much attention to their competitors. Everyone cooks in their porridge. At most, there is an analysis of competitors in the city where your company operates.

You're missing out on a lot of interesting ideas, or even trends that are forming in your industry. You just need to expand your horizons to the cities of millions. Don't get hung up on Moscow.

I will only talk about a small fraction of the analysis that can be done. Today we will talk about the technical characteristics of the site.

In each area there are the most popular queries for which sales occur. The competition for these queries is the highest. In the first places, sites that are really better than others give an answer to the request of potential buyers.

Moscow has the biggest competition, but the specifics of business there are usually a little different. It is best to watch the issue in St. Petersburg, Kazan, Krasnodar, Voronezh, Nizhny Novgorod and so on. 4-5 cities are enough. You should be interested in sites that occupy the first 3-5 places for your most desired query.

Unfortunately, most sites in Vladimir are made so that the director likes them. In 99% of cases, the director himself is not included in the target audience of his clients. You want to sell your products and services to them, not to yourself.

Competitor analysis

Take another look at the sites that are in the first places in the search results for major cities, then look at your own. Are they different? If so, I advise you to put your site in such a state that it differs as little as possible in structure, sections, functions, number of pages and many other points from the leaders.

If all the top sites have 500 pages, and you have a one-page landing page, then you can wait indefinitely - you will not be the first. In the web studio that sold you the landing page, you were deceived.

The easiest way to get to the first places is to match the first places in other regions. Just do not copy the design, texts and other specific elements. You are only interested in the general list of required elements. For example, photos of production, video with the director, cost calculation form, callback, 8-800 number and many other factors.

Most of the visitors don't care about the color of the site design, the subtleties of design, animation. People need the site to load quickly, and the person quickly understands where to find the necessary information. The information itself should be presented in an attractive and simple way. If your conditions are satisfied, then the visitor will see more information about your company. If you inspire confidence in him, then he will call. That's it.

Do not scare people away with intrusive online consultants, a call in 30 seconds and other cheap tricks. It's not solid. Read the research from Yandex, it clearly says that this has a negative effect on conversion.

Create a table in which you will enter data about the sites of your colleagues. What data are we changing? Loading time (, number of pages ( ), the age of the site, the presence of various elements of expanding functionality (forms, calculators, etc.), the availability and completeness of information (specific items: phone type, photos of the office and employees, contacts of specific employees, directions and a huge variety of other items). Measure at least 20 points from 10-20 sites, including yours.

After that, you will begin to understand how sites of your subject matter differ in general. Not by eye, but by specific parameters.

On your site, it is worth pulling up exactly where you are lagging behind the leaders. The analysis can be done in 1-2 days. Implementing some changes is also not difficult. After spending just a week, you can achieve excellent results without investing a single ruble.

Only by comparing your site correctly and in detail with the industry leaders (not your region, but others), you can understand how well it is made! Good luck!

Site competitor analysis

Author: Aleksandr Dergunov
Published: 11/14/2015